MF-850Q Queen Mattress Foundation
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Product Description

Providing support to your Queen mattress is the MF-850 mattress foundation. The black metal framing of the support system features a white cover. Durable steel is used to construct the inside framework of this foundation. Queen size supports a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs. Assembly required.

Weights & Dimensions

  1. Overall Gross Weight: 37.25 lbs
  2. Overall Net Weight: 31.75 lbs
  3. Overall Dimension: 59 x 79 x 8.5H

Product Details

  1. High profile design (8.5 inch height)
  2. 12 slat support system
  3. Textured fabric cover
  4. Easy set up
  5. Mattress sold separately
  6. Weight capacity: 700lbs
  7. Fabric Color: White
  8. Fabric Content: 100% polyester
  9. Fabric Cleaning Code: Upholstery (S)
  10. Prop 65 Information


  1. Number of Boxes: 1
  2. Overall CuFt: 2.1337
  3. Package Dimension: 43.25 x 31 x 2.75H
  4. Piece per Carton: 1
  5. Assembly Instruction:
*Due to supply chain headwinds, ETA for confirmed containers may be pushed back as much as 8 weeks from current ETA dates. ETA for unconfirmed containers may be pushed back as much as 12 weeks.